WCS Resources

An Ever-Evolving Dance

We say it often in class; West Coast Swing is always changing, always evolving.  If you joined us for our recent performance, “A History of WCS,” you saw that even though the patterns haven’t changed that much, the art of execution absolutely changes over the decades.  So how do you keep up with what is new with this dance that we all love so much?

Beyond participating in workshops, taking private lessons, & traveling to events, the easiest and hardest way to educate yourself on this dance is to use the internet.  To help make your investigations into WCS a little easier, we’ve linked a few of our favorite resources here.  Enjoy!

Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

The Munroe’s are amazing West Coast Swing Champions.  Their website has a plethora of resources; highlights include the Coach’s Corner Blog, their Swing Literacy Training, & their Instructional Videos.

The Munroes

World Swing Dance Council

The World Swing Dance Council is the governing organization for Competitive West Coast Swing.  On this page you can check out your registry points, explore WSDC Events & explore additional WCS resources.

World Swing Dance Council

Dance Manny!

Manny Viarrial is one of WCS Montana’s favorite WCS Pro’s.  He makes regular trips up to our community in Montana and works with several of our members at competitions.  His website has a wide variety of resources and perspectives.

Dance Manny!

Jake Haning

Jake Haning offers a variety of free instructional WCS videos on his YouTube channel.

Jake Haning

West Coast Swing Online with Brian Barakauskas

Brian B has an entire library of free instructional videos on You Tube. His channel covers a variety of patterns.

West Coast Swing Online