About West Coast Swing in Montana

THE DANCE: West Coast Swing is a very versatile dance. You can dance WCS to just about any 4/4 music ranging in tempo from 96 to 130 beats per minute.  WCS feels good with big band, blues, country and even latin music.  There are many styles of West Coast Swing, as, like most dances, West Coast Swing is constantly evolving.  This site is dedicated to the most modern styles, in which the basic step goes “walk, walk, triple step, triple step,” as opposed to older styles where the basic is “walk, walk, tap step, triple step.”  The current styling is also distinguished with the last triple step of a pattern being an anchor step where there is no forward or backward movement, and tension is built for the next pattern. More info at Wikipedia. Check out our media for videos of professional-level West Coast Swing dancers!

WCSMONTANA: West Coast Swing Montana is dedicated to spreading the dance in the Billings area and throughout Montana (and sometimes Wyoming). At present our group consists of about 40-50 people who do the Monday lessons, attend dances where you can dance WCS, and travel to workshops that feature West Coast Swing. There is no membership required. Hope to see you on the dance floor!